Training Management & HERS Portfolio Management

In addition to training courses, we also offer different levels of training management programs, where we incorporate training courses, manage the training/and or HERS portfolios. We offer a range of services but can also set up bespoke packages upon request;

ECS testing/invigilating (includes test, invigilation statement, jib registration and process)
Training Matrix Building - Keep on top of all of your training needs with our bespoke training matrix.
Training Matrix Building and Management - ASL create and manage the company’s training matrix and book required training (working with client).
Full Training Management including HERS portfolio building & Maintenance - ASL build and manage the company training matrix, as well as booking the training needed.
In addition ASL act as AO and build/maintain the portfolios. This does not include completing site assessments and gather OQ & evidence. ASL provide the client with a file on each operative containing what is required and supervisors and/or competent gather the evidence. This package covers the full process of training matrix profile creation to completion of registration.